Empowering Service Providers

Allot Communications is a leading provider of security and monetization solutions that enable service providers to protect and personalize the digital experience.

Service Delivery Framework

Allot’s flexible and highly scalable service delivery framework leverages the intelligence in data networks, enabling service providers to get closer to their customers, safeguard network assets and users, and accelerate time-to-revenue for value-added services.

Innovative Technology, Proven Know-How and Collaboration Excellence

We employ innovative technology, proven know-how and a collaborative approach to provide the right solution for every network environment. Allot solutions are currently deployed at 5 of the top 10 global mobile operators and in thousands of CSP and enterprise networks worldwide.


Your First Line of Network Defense Against Cyber Threats

Allot ServiceProtector protects your data network against the increasing scale and complexity of inbound and outbound cyber attacks that are designed to flood your network and disrupt service availability. Mobile, fixed and cloud service providers around the world rely on Allot ServiceProtector to surgically mitigate volumetric DoS/DDoS attacks and neutralize IoT device anomalies and outbound threats before they are able to impact network service and business continuity.

Real-time DDoS Protection

Allot ServiceProtector helps you detect and surgically block Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS) attacks within seconds, before they are able to threaten or disrupt your network service. Allot inspects 100% of the traffic on your network to ensure that no threat goes undetected. Dynamic creation of filtering rules and surgical filtering of attack packets avoids over-blocking and allows legitimate traffic to flow unimpeded, keeping your business online and protected at all times.

IoT Traffic Control

Allot ServiceProtector guards your network against IoT connected devices that are behaving abnormally, either through malfunction or misuse, and thereby causing unpredictable network congestion and denial of service. Allot employs multiple methods to detect anomalous connection behavior or traffic volumes and to block or limit access to misbehaving IoT devices in real-time, before network performance and availability are compromised. Allot also pinpoints the source of the anomalous behavior, so you can quickly remediate malfunctioning devices at their source, and prevent IoT devices from serving as a vehicles for cyber attacks. Real-time outlier alerts enable immediate and automated response to abnormal behavior from any device, providing the scalability and continuous maintenance you need to ensure that connected “things” are controlled without incurring the overhead of per-device access control, data validation or management client.

Outbound Threat Protection

Allot ServiceProtector automatically detects and blocks outbound spam, worm propagation, and port scanning traffic generated by bot-infected users, so you can prevent DNS blacklisting and eliminate additional traffic load on your network. Allot identifies host infection and abusive behavior according to abnormal outbound connection activity and malicious connection patterns, enabling you to treat the root cause of the threat as well as the symptoms.


Integrated URL Filtering for Regulatory Compliance

Allot ContentProtector (which also replaces WebSafe) provides a carrier-class URL filtering service that blocks access to blacklisted and illegal content across your data network, enabling you to comply with government regulations and to take proactive measures to provide a safer and more protected Internet environment for your customers. With the power to inspect all traffic on your network, Allot’s URL filtering capabilities ensure that blacklisted and illegal Internet sites are automatically blocked. Moreover, you can combine URL filtering with Allot’s policy-based traffic management and application control to more easily control a wide range of network activity in compliance with the growing number of government regulations.