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Single Connect

Establish controls around privileged access and be prepared to address inventory, classification and use of privileged accounts.

Nowadays information exchange threads are speeding up on regular basis and the entire world is heading towards complication, overwhelming informatisation, convergence - all at the same time.

Systems, business processes, interaction methods are changing fast and becoming more complicated requiring effectiveness in implementation.

To be able to keep up with these sophisticated environments changes, while ensuring the security of critical assets, companies are facing the need for intelligent and effective methods of managing privileges in accessing different elements in their infrastructure.

Kron Privilege Access Management (PAM) solution – Single Connect is designed to meet these needs to provide support for several issues companies are facing these days :

• Regulation compliance
• Risk of insider threats
• Existence of malware that specifically targets privileged accounts
• Security of outsourcing of IT operations to contractors and external vendors
• Need for audit trails of who is accessing which client's infrastructure

Acknowledging these issues, Kron team worked to develop an easy to use PAM product – Single Connect based on market, customer experience and own research. Single Connect was designed to fulfill the following functionalities:

• Secured, centralized and automated management of passwords for administrative, service and application accounts, as well as enforcement of password policies
• Controlling access to shared accounts
• Managing and monitoring privileged sessions, commands and actions in real-time, recording them for audit and other purposes
• Controlling and filtering commands or actions a system user is capable of executing
• Super user capabilities for managing administrative access
• Keeping detailed view of privileged accounts and capabilities for different kinds of visualization such as dashboards and reporting
• Single platform with other Kron products and capabilities for seamless integration with existing systems and change management workflows for more advanced control of administrative access

Main Features

Kron Single Connect system is based on 4 main modules: SAPM, PSM, SUPM, AAPM.

Kron specialists are carefully thinking through and analyzing modules functionality.
Please, see some of the features highlights below:

• Man in the middle scenario forSSH/HTTP/RDP proxy etc.
• Session management and dual control
• Logging and Session Recording
• Object Character Recognition for RDP, RDP session recording
• Internal Tacacs and Radius support
• Single-Sign-on
• Password management, changing password in configurable interval, Password history
• Break Glass
• Linux/Windows/Network Element Password Management
• Limit / filter command ( proxy )
• Multitenancy
• Advanced Policy ( Not only black white )
• Context Aware Policy
• Multi Factor Authentication with GeoFencing
• OTT one time password for NE

Kron product can run on its special appliance as well as on cloud space.
Due to its distributed architecture, Kron Single Connect is featuring built-in high availability support, granting with Active Active or Active Passive mode support, full database synchronization, geosite redundancy features.

Single Command

Multivendor IP infrastructures service activation and workflow management
Single Command is unique service activation & operations management platform for IP services.

• High Speed Workflow Engine
• Easy management of complex multi-vendor IP infrastructures
• Secure way of delegating network wide configuration tasks
• Total control over each configuration performed on network
• Enthusiastic user interaction experience & GUI
• Quick actions for urgent needs with minimum experience level
• High level of delegation with easy setup & Single Sign On (SSO)
• E2E service delivery management
• Flexible platform, scaling in all dimensions (OSGI technology)
• Reduced total cost of ownership among any competition or alternative

Single Command for IP Networks & Services

Extensive networks have high maintenance costs and it is difficult to manage them due to the number of different network devices. Configuration and provisioning tasks are excessive timeconsuming process in these heterogeneous networks. It takes too much time to find out where the problem is in a huge network and it causes to customer dissatisfaction.

Single Command is a service and network management platform for enterprises and service providers who have different network equipment and different internal and external services.

This platform provides a single interface to configure the ability of network business flows with dynamic customized and extendable command sets and next-generation GUI.

Single Command, simplifies the multivendor network management requirements by its vendor independent design, plug-in architecture, pre-check and post-check control mechanisms, and unique topology view without any need to extra NMS or NBI. Workflow Engine is the heart of this plug-in architecture, which combines, sequences and executes the components of the individual workflows. All the vendor independent, custom or Designer Module designed workflows is processed on the Workflow Engine.

Single Command provides an SDN-ready and NFV-ready service activation technology roadmap. Single Command can help your organization to get ready to separate control and data planes with upcoming pre-SDN or pre-NFV from today.

Customer Benefits

• Manage multivendor IP & Packet Core networks
• Precheck and post-check mechanisms minimize the possibility of human caused misconfigurations and errors
• Unified multivendor workflows standardize the configurations throughout the network
• Visualize network management by the topology view
• Smart command builder simplifies the usage of one-line monitoring commands
• By the Designer and Player modules, creating complex command workflows can be handled by admins and operators (no need for hardcoded workflows)
• Realm mechanism grants the correct privileges

Business Scenarios

Single Command can be used to support a number of scenarios or the combination of these alternatives.

To fulfill the daily routines and complex service activation requirements using the Designer and Player modules of Single Command is the most common scenario. The Single Command Designer module is a powerful tool to design and create service provider specific workflows which consist of pre-check, execution, post-check and rollback components consecutively. By the help of its visual design pane an operator can easily create a multivendor service activation tool by using the required commands in the modules above and connecting them according to their execution order to build a workflow for a specific purpose.

One other important scenario is using the custom designed workflows that are created by Kron professional services. In this scenario Kron engineers work closely with the service provider’s network teams to analyze the requirements and build a custom service activation tool that completely fits the service provider’s needs.

Apart from the above alternatives that covers the complex service activation requirements Single Command can be positioned as an easy-to-use troubleshooting tool.

The Command Builder Module perfectly fits to the first-line network operations and support teams with its easy to
implement interfaces to create and use one line troubleshooting and monitoring commands.

The last option is using Single Command with the different combinations of the alternatives above. The Designer and Player modules, custom designed workflows and Command Builder Module can be used in a Single Command environment to cover different teams requirements.